Port of Karlshamn

East is the new West
Port of KarlshamnPort of Karlshamn in Sweden is an up-comer in the south Baltic Sea although the city has several hundred years of tradition in shipping and trade. In 20 years the cargo turnover has grown 2 times. After the opening of the iron curtain and the fast developing trade in the East-West corridor, Port of Karlshamn has changed more and more from a local port serving the region with conventional traffic and bulk cargo related to west Europe, to a progressive national hub with strategic importance for intermodal traffic between Scandinavia and East Europe/CIS. The RoPax- and RoRo- traffic between Karlshamn-Klaipeda and Karlshamn-St Petersburg/Kiel – both served by DFDS Seaways – is today the second largest segment behind liquid bulk.

Karlshamn moves into the future
As a result of this successful development, a joint project application of the ports of Karlshamn and Klaipeda was supported by both the respective states and EU as one of few from all EU nations. Via the Motorways of the Sea program, Karlshamn as one of few ports in the EU, was granted co-financing for investments supporting the development of intermodal efficiency. Therefore Port of Karlshamn in 2012 will start an extensive investment program including container crane, reach stackers, gate, a new intermodal rail terminal etc.

Also more than 100.000 passengers passes through the port every year and there are plans how to upgrade the service for the passengers. In the inner harbor, small- and medium size cruise vessels can be accommodated at the Cruise Pier, with direct access to the city with many historic attractions, shopping, beautiful surroundings and interesting excursions.

No limits
To the opposite of many ports and cities, Port of Karlshamn was located outside the city centre already in the 70-ies. All traffic by road and rail is routed outside habited areas. Therefore there are also lots of expansion areas. Adjacent to the port the Municipality has made 100 hectares of land available for new activities within logistics and industry. As a part of the process in attracting new business, the company Logistic Position Karlshamn was formed, jointly owned by the real estate developer Brinova. The company can offer land, construction of logistics buildings and offer related services to the logistics industry, producers, wholesalers etc.

The reasons for Brinova choosing Port of Karlshamn as a partner, was the strategic location at the cross-roads between Scandinavia and the emerging markets and the region with most industry in south Sweden, generating cargo flows to both east and west. Just outside the port, goes the major route for shipping serving the Baltic Sea and with deep water, no ice, short and easy navigation. Shipping and Logistics is important in the city and there is with no surprise Karlshamn has one of the ten largest Shipping and Logistics clusters in Sweden with the port, shipping agents, Pilot Station, regional Customs head office, logistics providers, University with research within IT-Logistics etc.

Energy cluster
As a major Swedish petroleum port an energy cluster has developed including the port, the power plant, storage facilities for LPG, production of RME and the planned Bio Ethanol and Bio gas plant. The port also has excellent conditions for reloading and storage of renewable biomass and liquid biofuel.

Port of Karlshamn

Port of Karlshamn
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