Port of Mönsterås

port of mönsteräsPort of Mönsterås is an industrial port at Jättersön just north of Mönsterås in Kalmar Strait. The port provides shipping agents and shipping companies with a total solution that involves the port being the only contact required for all stages of service, from booking tugs to brokering, stowing, reloading and forwarding.

With access to a relatively small quay with a length of 340 metres, we pride ourselves for being extremely efficient when loading and unloading. We do everything in our power to ensure that the quay is accessible as soon as possible for the next shipment. Competent staff members and effective, state-of-the-art equipment simplify and speed up the work considerably. In our business, logistics are at the top of our list.

A port specializing in logistics is not unusual, but in our case it is about much more than just loading and unloading ships. We even have a special vehicle that can load up to 70-80m3 of pulpwood in one shipment, which can be compared with a traditional lorry that, at most, can carry 40m3.

Our broadened offer also includes the possibility for all our customers’ goods and products to be labeled with destination – shipping company – arrival harbor, as well as the carrier that will handle the goods. When we are given this responsibility, we can provide such early planning that efficiency is significantly improved.

For a commercial harbour to have its own ship brokerage is extremely unusual. In Port of Mönsterås, however, we see major coordination advantages. As a shipping company you will probably not notice the difference in how our brokers handle your business compared with other ports. Instead, you will notice that we will be able to provide you with information about your cargo much faster. There is clear interface between the shipbrokers and the other operations at Port of Mönsterås. The shipbrokers are above all the shipping companies’ extended arms on Swedish territory. That means that there is never any doubt as to whose interest the broker is representing.

Everything we do is characterized by being clear and systematic. Through orderly structure in all our business areas before, during and after a ship’s port of call we can focus on being as effective as possible at all the different stages. That means that the ship never needs to remain at the quayside for longer than absolutely necessary. Our flexible organization has of course a threshold for what can be done, but since we work so rationally at all stages, we can load and unload significantly larger amounts than what our surface area would usually allow.

We feel a large responsibility for keeping to times and plans and we do our utmost for our customers in all situations.

port of mönsteräs

Port of Mönsterås
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