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PowerCell technology – generate electricity from diesel in a new, clean and efficient way

The ‘next generation’ of fuel cell systems are here – and they are Swedish. PowerCell, a company with 20 years of experience, research and development in innovative fuel cell technology, has developed a fuel cell system that converts diesel to electricity in a more efficient and clean way than most alternative technologies or products.

This is good news for truck manufacturers and truck fleet owners, the military sector, and mobile operators and owners of telecom base stations who are in need of electricity for a multitude of purposes. They get their own small ‘power plant’ that is not only highly efficient but also environmentally friendly.

PowerPac is the result of 20 years of research with its roots in the Volvo Group. It is a complete electric power-generating unit using ordinary low sulphur road diesel. The 3 kW PowerPac can be optimized for many applications and markets and deliver clean power using existing fuel.

Not only is the technology more efficient than other products, it is also much cleaner. PowerPac produces only a fraction of the CO2 that other comparable systems emit, and no particles or nitrogen-/ sulphur oxides.

Very seldom does a new clean technology give the users both lower operating expenses, and reduced negative environmental effects. This is one such case.

PowerCell technology, sustainable energyIt is also the first step towards the ultimate goal; powering vehicles with hydrogen (a completely harmless gas extracted from water) instead of fossil fuels such as gasoline. It might sound to good to be true, but in the future this could in fact be possible.

So who are the users of clean and energy efficient small-scale power generators?

• Truck manufacturers and owners of truck fleets
Trucks need electricity to power anything from air conditioning to heating and lights. While driving, this can be done by the engine and the battery . Being stationary (resting, loading/unloading) there is a problem since the battery will run out and it is hugely costly and environmentally harmful to keep the engine running for hours just to stay cold or warm. With PowerPac, truck drivers can get electricity from diesel without running the engine, with ultra-low emissions, a low exhaust temperature and low noise levels that gives a good working climate around the truck. It not only improves the working environment, it also gives lower operating expenses due to the fuel cell’s higher efficiency. It meets future regulations and is a truly sustainable solution.

• Mobile operators and base station owners
Many telecom base stations are located in areas with no electricity, or unreliable access to electricity. They are powered with electricity from diesel generators. This is very environmentally harmful and very costly for the operators. PowerPac can be used to reduce that bill, and also to reduce the CO2 and other emissions from the base station. It can also be used as a backup in the event of power cuts.

• Military and security deployments
Military deployments often involve bringing your own electricity to remote areas, usually in the form of diesel and generators. But the cost to get diesel to forward operating bases can be as high as US$ 400 per gallon. The PowerPac could generate electricity much more efficiently and cleaner than dirty and noisy diesel generators. The low temperature on exhaust makes the military installations less vulnerable to enemy attacks.

The benefits and the product
PowerCell offers the customer a small-scale power generator to make electricity from diesel up to 3 kW electric output. The technology has better efficiency than existing small-scale power generators in the same scale and therefore contributes to less emissions of CO2 and consumption of diesel. The customer benefits of using this type of technology are:
– Lower operational costs due to lower fuel consumption
– Lower emissions of CO2
– Ultra low or zero emissions of other harmful gases and particles
– An improved working environment (low emissions, low exhaust temperature and low noise levels)
– Meets future regulations
– PowerPac can be a complement to or replacement for existing systems
– The unit is small and can be retro-fitted or factory-fitted

The technology
PowerCell’s PowerPac works in two steps: 1. Converting diesel to hydrogen, and 2. Converting hydrogen to electricity. The heart of the PowerPac is the reformer (1), which converts road diesel into  hydrogen-rich gas without creating NOx, NMCH, PM or other pollutions. The hydrogen-rich gas goes to the fuel cells (2) where the hydrogen and air react to form electricity and water. It is the cleanest way to make electricity from diesel. It reduces the environmental footprint since the catalytic processes produce clean exhaust.
The company
PowerCell Sweden AB is a spinout from AB Volvo with the goal to develop and produce environmentally friendly power systems developed with unique fuel cell and reformer technology and matching existing fuel infrastructures. PowerCell is based in Gothenburg and owned by Volvo Group Venture Capital, Fouriertransform, Midroc New Technologies and OCAS Ventures. www.powercell.se.
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