PreBIO AS is a main supplier of analytical services to the fisheries industry. The company has five laboratories in Mid-Norway. The company carries out most types of analysis with emphasis on water, food, fodder, radioactivity, waste water and environmental monitoring. We focus on advisory activities and development, and have modern equipment for sampling and analysis.

The laboratories are accredited by Norwegian Accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025. Accreditation requirements cover personnel qualifications, equipment and working procedures, documentation, etc., for each analysis accredited, while also taking into account the laboratories’ locations, quality systems, independence and integrity.

PreBIO plays an important role in quality assurance and control of foodstuffs and environment in the public and private sectors. The main focus is currently on food safety, environmental monitoring, environment-friendly development and local/regional economic development. The laboratories has been operating since the mid-1980’s and the company has built up considerable expertise in microbiological and chemical analysis and consulting.

PreBIO is an important partner for local businesses, government agencies, educational institutions and others involved in R&D. Much of the company’s development work is focused on new food products with an emphasis on local production and processing, and products with environment-friendly qualities, as well as new methods for analysis and supervision.

One of our goals is to establish, develop and operate regional centres of excellence in food and environment in collaboration with the regional business community and local/regional authorities. We offer a wide range of analytical services and consulting. Guidance, quick results on analyses, and online reporting help maintain control during normal operations, and under demanding condition.

PreBIO is a member of LabForum, a nationwide chain of independent laboratories.


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