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The Technology Part Of Success

We offer software packages based on our own Industrial IT software suite, APIS. This is a component based suite. Each component has a set of functions, and the different packages integrate a selection of these components. A set of predefined packages is offered here, but we also deliver customized packages for specific needs.

• High performance/capacity historian database, capable of collecting and storing more than 5.000.000 variable values per second.
• Data collection tool for massive data capture on various industry protocols, also legacy and custom made protocols, with best possible real-time properties on the Windows platform and integrated data validation.
• Process alarms integrated with statistical process control (SPC), and various delivery options, such as e-mail, SMS and OPC AE.
• Web-based trend application and user interface tools that facilitates easy deployment and enterprise wide access to data with minimal cost.
• Advanced integrated multivariate analysis and model generation tools, as well as Soft PLCs and other online calculation tools.
• Wide support of industry standards, such as OPC DA/AE/HDA and SECS/GEM.
• Runtime configuration and maintenance which assures best possible system uptime.

PrediktorAPIS is able to store huge amounts of data in a structured way thereby allowing real-time and historical reporting on process KPIs, production volumes, inventory, resource utilization and production history and much more.

• Production tracking
• Real time data trending and alarming
• Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and Uptime reporting
• Statistical process Control (SPC)
• Statistical process analysis
• Production planning and scheduling
• Process LIMS
• Maintenance management
• Business Intelligence reporting
• Electronic Shop floor traveller

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