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Spektron is Prediktor’s instrument for on-line NIR (Near Infra Red) applications. Instruments and accessories are designed for on-line use, with robust hardware and real time software to give your real time knowledge about your products.

Spektron is particularly developed for simultaneously measurement of moisture, protein, fat, sugars or other compounds.

Prediktor’s philosophy for on-line NIR (Near Infrared Spectroscopy) is to put NIR measurements into a context. We work hard to make it possible for you to combine NIR quality measurements, recipe targets and process information to give you immediate information about your production.

On-Line Spectrometers
The Spektron On-line instrument makes NIR spectroscopic measurements possible in real-time. The instrument is designed for rough industrial environments.

A large diffuse circular disc of near infrared light is projected onto solid or granular materials. Atomic bindings in organic fluids and solid materials absorb energy by vibrating. Typical atomic bindings with this behavior are C-H, O-H and N-H. Molecules with these atomic bindings are the main components of human and animal food. Concentrations of protein, water and fat content are typical measured properties.

PrediktorThe Spektron On-line instrument
The new instrument from Prediktor contains a spectrometer, optics, internal reference system and an embedded computer. Thus the instrument is a fully operational unit. The instrument uses OPC for easy access to measurements, raw spectra, and statistics.

A robust and compact InGaAs diode array spectrometer is used to achieve ultra fast analysis. The spectrometer offers excellent wavelength stability and superb wavelength accuracy, and it is thermally stable. Spectral range of 960-1690nm is standard. On demand, other spectral ranges and other spectrometer specifications are available.

The housing
The housing is available in stainless steel and aluminum. It is designed for rough environments and can be used for high ambient temperature. It has an IP grading of 65. Thus the unit may be placed in production areas without the need for any extra protective covering. The unit has hygienic design, meeting the needs for the food and feed industry.

As standard, the instrument may communicate with control systems or other computers using the OPC communication standard. Other communication options are available on demand.


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