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Premator AS NorgeSince its origin in 1976 Premator has acted as a contractor in the field of qualified corrosion control, principally in the maritime market. Already at the end of the ‘70s we carried out voyage repairs and water blasting, pioneering treatment techniques only recently applied as alternatives to conventional methods. Years of experience of work in different locations and markets resulted in development of close co-operation with shipyards worldwide. Benefiting from launching Premator Group and striving to achieve unity in everything it does, we guarantee our customers the same high quality of performance, regardless of where the job is carried out. During the 35 years of Premator’s history we had the privilege to serve a large number of shipping companies who recognize and value quality and the feedback has been unanimously positive. We are proud to receive top rating from numerous ship superintendents whose reports reveal that they had not experienced such quality before.

Ship Repair
Over the years Premator has become a key player on the blasting and coating market of ship repair. The company has not only expanded geographically by opening of new branches/offices, but also developed significantly in terms of new technology and experience.

The techniques and options in corrosion prevention are varied, as are the merits of each approach. The true art is to melt together the advantages of the different treatment methods available, creating a durable result. Premator does not prescribe one particular treatment method at the expense of another. Based on more than 35 years’ experience of surface treatment, we can provide our customers with an honest chance to select a level suited to their budget.

Premator AS NorgeEach and every Premator set-up is a division within the Premator Group. This means that they have the full support of the entire Premator Group in terms of resources for a specific project. We have through technical developments designed a network of uniform worldwide equipment at all Premator locations. By doing so, the different sites are able to support each other for larger projects. This means that, with the Premator Group as the backbone of every Premator set-up, we are able to offer our clients a local capacity hard to find elsewhere, regardless of which Premator location you choose.

So, when it comes to docking of your vessel, keep us in mind and give us a call. We have full confidence in our potential to provide you with a high quality cost effective surface treatment with on time delivery.

Tank Coating
Tank coating is a general term that covers a lot of different phases. No part can be weaker or less developed than the other parts of what is a highly complex operation. We devote a great deal of time and effort to increasing the overall standard of surface preparation. This not only involves training and certification but also years of experience out in the field. There is no doubt that an improved standard of surface preparation will extend the in-service lifetime of any tank coating. High quality is the key to lasting performance and is by far the most economical method in the long term. Based on our experience of water blasting and grit blasting and all types of manual and chemical rust removal, we help our customers to select a level suited to their budget and expected in-service lifetime

Premator AS NorgeNew Building
Premator New Building started when we became one of the main contractors in the very successful construction of Stena’s new passenger ferries, in Poland (1985-1988). Today Premator’s characteristic orange banners marking our working sites can be spotted all across the world.

If you compare the blasting and painting projects of Ship Repair to New Building you find New Building a completely different story. Today it is common practice to contract sections or entire hulls to external workshops. Premator, as an active partner already at the design stage, follows the vessel step by step throughout her entire construction process. Our involvement begins at the initial stage in external workshops; therefore sparing our customer the problems and conflicts that may appear when using many different contractors.

One example of this, in 2007 we started co-operation with the Kleven Yard in Ulsteinvik, Norway. Projects launched from the Kleven Yard include initial surface treatment on new vessels in Poland and finish treatment in Norway. This highlight our global potential and the benefits to our customers. In practice we are the best control solution, focusing on quality control and preliminary time schedules, on behalf of our client.

Premator is permanently established at:

  • STX Florø
  • Bergen Group in Bergen
  • Kleven Yard in Ulsteinvik
  • Bergen Group in Fosen

Premator AS Norge

Premator AS Norge
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