Presserv AS

presserv, preservation and corrosion protections Presserv A/S is a specialist company within preservation and corrosion protection. Since 1996 we have been assisting major oil & gas companies with preservation jobs onshore and offshore world wide. We are in charge of preservation activities on large offshore projects and we assist equipment manufacturers with corrosion protection during production, testing and long term storage.

Our services:

Preservation Management
We offer our services both on- and offshore within the following fields:
Management and responsibility for the preservation work on major development projects, new builds and in connection with lay-up, temporary or permanent closure of offshore installations.
Compilation of preservation manuals and procedures.
Consultancy in connection with technical solutions and choice of methods.
Expertise during long-term storage, permanent or temporary lay-up of industrial installations.

Performing preservation work
Preservation operators and supervisors carry out preservation work both on- and offshore within:
Initial preservation
Preservation maintenance
Depreservation and preparations in connection with commissioning.

Our products:
Surface preparation and treatment
Corrosion inhibitors (VpCI)
Corrosion protection for flanges and pipes
Marine lubricants
Transport boxes
Protective covers
Mechanical protection and industrial tape

We will be pleased to tailor solutions to meet your needs within corrosion protection and preservation.

Presserv are located in:
Stavanger, Norway • Oslo, Norway • Vitória, Brazil

Presserv AS
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