ProAnalysis AS

Pro Analysis AS

Pro Analysis delivers unique technology for online Oil in Water monitoring.  We target the upstream oil and gas market which wants to improve their water treatment system. The instrument measures in the ppm range. The continuous measurements will assist in reduced oil in water levels and discharges, improved water treatment, reduced consumption of chemicals and tuning separator performance.

The Argus® technology
Pro Analysis unique proprietary Argus® technology has been developed in close cooperation with major Oil & Gas operators in the North Sea, as a response to the need for OiW monitor technology reliable over time under challenging process conditions.

Main advantages of the Argus technology are:

• Reliable measurements: Possibility to replace manual   sampling and laboratory analysis.
• In-line probe: No bypass line, low/no maintenance.
• High-pressure, high temperature application: Measurements throughout the process.
• Automated self-cleaning: Eliminate problems with scaling and other process contamination.
• Multipoint monitoring: Multiple in-line measurement probes connected to one control unit

ProAnalysis AS
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