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ProDigest is a spin-off company from Ghent University and provides customized solutions related to gastrointestinal research to operators in the market of food, functional food, feed and pharmaceutical industry.

ProDigest’s in vitro SHIME® and TWINSHIME® technology platform is internationally accepted as a representative simulation of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT). It is a unique and dynamic model that simulates digestive processes in the stomach and small intestine and the 3 regions of the colon, i.e. ascending, transverse and descending colon (microbial processes). Careful control of the environmental parameters in these reactors allows to obtain stable microbial communities which are highly similar in both structure and function to the microbiota in the different colonic regions of humans.

The SHIME® model can be used to simulate the GIT of adults, babies, elderly and patients having diseases that affect the gastrointestinal tract (eg. Clostridium difficile, chronic inflammation, …) and to study the metabolic fate of food and pharmaceutical compounds over a period of several weeks. Furthermore, the technology has been expanded to host other than humans, such as production animals (e.g. pig) and companion animals (e.g. dog, cat).

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By combining the SHIME® technology with cell culture models, the response of the host to the product of interest and/or its metabolites can be assessed in a gut-relevant environment. This can be evaluated online, by means of the HMI™ module or off-line by means of cell line (co-)cultures in transwells or Ussing chambers (ex vivo model).


We assist your product development by offering specialized services and building up essential know-how in the field of gastrointestinal transit, bioavailability, metabolism, immune modulation and efficacy of food compounds, functional ingredients and pharmaceuticals, in relation to their fate and function in the body.

ProDigest BVBA
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