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Proffice Life Science is not like other staffing and recruitment companies. Our philosophy is that the right person should be in the right place, allowing both people and companies to develop and grow. It sounds so simple, but anyone who has ever looked for personnel or a new job knows that it is time consuming and difficult to find good solutions. Our colleagues are scientists with industry experience. This, along with our quality-assured recruitment processes, make us convinced that we can help you, irrespective of whether you are looking for a new job or new colleagues.

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We know how difficult it is to assess how a company will develop over the next few years. With this comes the challenge to dare to take on personnel. We will give you rapid, flexible and appropriate solutions to meet your needs for competent colleagues, regardless of whether you need competence for a time-defined project, or for the future. We will give you the courage to open the door when the next major client comes knocking on your door.

We also know how the recruitment process can consume a large quantity of one’s personnel resources. Many look for new competence in people they already know, but there is a risk of missing out on many suitable candidates. We look for candidates in our own networks, through adverts, social networks, and in our substantial candidate bank that contains everything from laboratory assistants to senior researchers. We also conduct the time consuming task of reading applications, making selections, carrying out tests and interviews, and checking references in accordance with our quality-assured recruitment process. When you consult Proffice Life Science, you can concentrate on your business and be confident that we will find the best possible colleague for you.

Work for Proffice Life Science
Are you so good at what you do that you can call yourself a specialist without shaking in your boots? Do you also have a keen sense of awareness, are you committed and are you solution-orientated?

Then we would like to get to know more about you. Working as a consultant for Proffice will give you the opportunity to develop, meet new people, and see new environments. Your every day workplace will be at one of our customers who range from major companies and public authorities to smaller businesses. You will get a number of new career opportunities and experiences while making your CV all the more attractive. Where do you want to take your career?

You can always find our current career opportunities on, irrespective of whether you want to work for us as a consultant or work directly for one of our customers.

The Nordic specialist
Proffice Life Science is the Nordic specialist in recruiting and staffing within the biotech and chemtech industries. It is no coincidence. With more than 50 years in the industry, we comprise specialists that place and recruit specialists. With local presence in the Nordic countries, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure each individual placement and recruitment. In addition, we are specialized in the Nordic labour market, its work conditions, and applicable laws. You will know the difference when you consult us.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Pharmaceuticals   Medicine and biotechnology   Pharmacy
Proffice Life Science AS   Proffice Life Science AS   Proffice Life Science AS
Examples: pharmacologists, laboratory workers,
geneticists, immunologists, clinical trial leaders,
registration executives, chemists, engineers, product
  Examples: product developers, designers, registration
executives, chemists, technical salespeople, application engineers, quality managers

  Examples: pharmacy managers, pharmacists,
pharmaceuticals managers, dispensers, pharmacy

Chemical Engineering   Foods    Environment and quality 
Proffice Life Science AS   Proffice Life Science AS   Proffice Life Science AS
Examples: quality engineers, product developers,
chemists, laboratory workers, laboratory engineers,
environmental coordinators, process engineers
  Examples: quality engineers, food chemists, microbiologists, clean rooms technicians, laboratory workers, laboratory engineers   Examples: quality engineers, environmental safety
officers, environmental coordinators, registration
executives, inspectors

Proffice is one of the largest specialist companies within staffing and recruitment in the Nordic region, with more than 10,000 employees. We
contribute to the growth and development of people and business through our high degree of attentiveness and our passionate commitment.

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