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Proffice MiningFast and efficient
Proffice Mining will find the talent you need, when you need it, where you need it. Our experienced recruitment team specialises in staffing and recruitment in the mining industry. We ensure fast staffing of volume posts such as mine workers, drivers and machine operators, as well as recruiting managers, specialists and engineers. Mining deposits are often found in regions of low population density, which means that the workforce has to be brought in from other locations. We have a broad network and processes in place to recruit the talent you need, wherever it might be. Our field of work spans the entire mining industry, encompassing not only the mining companies themselves, but also their partners and suppliers and the companies that process the extracted raw materials.

Proffice MiningFrom volume to expertise
Ever since 1960, the motto behind Proffice’s recruitment and staffing has been “the right person in the right place”. You can hire staff from us or task us with recruitment. Our recruitment consultants have extensive experience of finding leading talent, whether you are looking for managers, engineers or other specialists. We have a quality assured recruitment process that covers everything from drawing up a job profile and finding candidates to interviewing and presenting selected candidates for your consideration – simply and efficiently. In the case of staffing, we take care of everything all the way up to the employment contract and provide you with the workers you need, usually within two weeks. Our tools include CV databases, recruitment events and group interviews.

We are where the mines are
A key factor to succeed in finding the right personnel for the mining industry is the proximity to candidates and clients. By having offices in key locations such as Pajala, Kiruna, Gällivarare, Luleå, Skellefteå, Falun and Avesta, we have a good understanding for the industry. Our presence also makes it possible for us to act quickly – which many times is the key to success within staffing and recruitment.

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