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– Collaboration for talent attraction and action

There is doubtless a lot of talk in your network about talent attraction and the need for cross-disciplinary, cross-border, cross-regional and cross-generational collaboration. The ongoing generational shift is going to impact management in public and private sector organisations. How should we prepare for and manage this change?

Projektsupport S-O has extensive experience with entrepreneurship, innovation and business development, a passion for cross-comfort zone collaborations and the solution to the problem. And it’s time for action!

ROTATIONSHIP® is based on traineeships among different organisations and job rotation. In a ROTATIONSHIP®, a small number of organisations rotate an equal number of ro-trainees, each of whom has a mentor. The ro-trainees and their mentors collaborate around a defined theme towards achieving each organisation’s particular objectives. Opportunities are provided to analyse gaps between disciplines, cultures, generations and regions in order to identify needs. Innovative thinking, knowledge transfer and collaboration build a platform for creative solutions. The ultimate purpose is to shorten the time it takes to for new ideas to spread and be put to good use: preparation, financing and effectiveness, in other words. Our clients (which may in a given ROTATIONSHIP® consist for example of a small enterprise, a global company, a government agency, a health care provider and an organisation in the social services sector) are able to welcome the future with confidence.

A ROTATIONSHIP® always begins with a careful planning phase in which there is an opportunity to adjust the arrangements to the needs of the participants. ROTATIONSHIP® is a service that can be used at various levels and which supports the specific activities of your organisation. In collaboration with various stakeholders who contribute in workshops and other activities that drive the process, we create the ROTATIONSHIP® that the participating organisations need.

ROTATIONSHIP® is a supportive service intended to build preparedness for the challenges we are facing in the value systems  of human health and well-being.


•  Establish cross-discipline understanding, skills and network
•  Reduce the risk of costly recruitment errors
•  Evaluations from different types of organizations in your value system
•  A possibility for future leaders – innovation leaders?
•  SME organizations can get the same possibility that usually is reserved for the really big ones.

ROTATIONSHIP® is a neutral innovation service tool
– welcoming co-creators and engagements.

The LinkedIn group ROTATIONSHIP® is a platform where all members – participants, partners and other stakeholders come together to discuss a variety of themes, thoughts and ideas. You are welcome to join us and create with us! As long as we are building, we are developing. And having fun.

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