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Why compromise, when you can use custom built research equipment? Promech Lab has 25 years of experience of turning ideas into new groundbreaking products and prototypes.

Promech Lab is dedicated to customizing research equipment and providing scientists with the opportunity of testing their innovations in our mechanical workshop. We have the technical expertise and collaborate with the best minds in a wide scientific field.

Our creative core of specialists and custom built teams will save you endless amounts of time, effort and money by guiding you all the way towards the finished product. You can feel safe with us. We are problem solvers. Innovations is what we breathe, each and every day!

“We produced prototypes in 1986.
Now, we offer customized products.”
                        Jürgen Persson, Founder & CEO

Siu24/48 Mainstream cigarette smoking exposure system for murine models.

The automated SIU24/48 is designed and developed in close cooperation with world leading respiratory researcers and has been successfully used since 2002. Designed for use with cigarette without filter. Very reliable inflammatory response.

Key featuers:
Real time smoke monitoring
User friendly interface
Easy to clean
Data logging
PC software
3 years warranty

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