Protea Biopharma

Protea Biopharma N.V. is a biopharma company focusing on the development of improved diagnostics and therapeutics for infectious and chronic diseases.

Over the past 6 years, the Company developed an extensive and hands-on expertise in the field of innate immunity and anti-viral pathways. Besides chronic fatigue syndrome and myalgic encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME) our research activities have extended to other immune conditions (inflammatory and auto-immune diseases).

In addition to anti-viral discovery, the Company has engaged in drug discovery programs to look for  potent anti-viral molecules one of which is a  RNase-L modulating lead compound entering clinical l phase studies to make ideal additions to combination anti-viral therapies.

The Company also developed a unique and proprietary drug discovery platform to find active molecules to treat conditions and diseases derived from an aberrant interplay between  cell-membrane associated prions (PrPC) and mitochondria. In this way the Company has been able to  add   a new biological principle of disease to its research to better understand and to treat: Alzheimer disease, Parkinson, ALS, neuromuscular and associated diseases and other  conditions such as cancer and aging.


Lead compounds and use/license of our drug discovery platform technology can always be discussed under confidentiality.

RNase-L, CFS/ME, chronic immune diseases, Th1-Th2-test,  2,5A-analogs, PrPc , drug screening, mitochondrial diseases.

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