Protek Norr AB

Protek Norr AB is a diamond drilling company headquartered in Skellefteå, Västerbotten, with operations in Scandinavia. Principal activity is core drilling (diamond drilling) in connection with prospecting for minerals and metals. Clients are mining and exploration companies, both Swedish and international.

The company is divided into three business areas: surface core drilling, underground core drilling and directional drilling, and field surveying, which also entails quarrying work and ground improvement.

The company has long and solid experience in core drilling. This ensures a very high level of expertise among our staff. Experience of diamond drilling in various rock types, soil conditions and extreme climate makes for good productivity. Core samples are obtained from bedrock for further analysis. We have drilling capability to depths of 1500 meters.

Work is performed both above and below ground (in mines). Surface drilling is carried out in both summer and winter. Additional services such as orientation, mineral core and borehole measurements are offered. This is to establish the structure and direction of the rock/ore and determine the exact position and profile of the extracted core sample.

Protek NorrA wide range of machinery, large and small, allows drilling work to be optimally adapted for customers, landowners and the environment.

We have light-weight and flexible drilling rigs for smaller jobs in sensitive environments and vulnerable habitats. Larger rigs are used for deeper work or in extreme Nordic winter conditions. Such conditions put heavy demands on the equipment to preserve an acceptable working environment while maintaining productivity.

The general focus on the environmental impact of industrial activities has led to increased calls for a minimization of terrain and forest damage, which in turn has changed the standards under which we operate. Our environmental work involves not only regulations and guidelines for chemical treatment, but also the use of different types of vehicles to minimize damage to the ground. The vehicles are individually tailored to the demands on both drilling capacity and subsoil. Our goal is to leave the drilling site on completion of our work with satisfied customers and landowners.

Protek Norr AB
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