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Proteo is a clinical stage drug development company with focus on orphan/specialty biopharmaceuticals founded in 2000 as a spin-off company of the University of Kiel, Germany.

For its lead investigational drug Elafin, Proteo seeks partners and investors for the development, commercial scale manufacturing, marketing and distribution of the product.
Target markets for Elafin are the major surgery hospital market (acute therapy) and the market for chronic pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) therapies. Esophageal cancer surgery is one of the most invasive surgeries associated with unacceptably high morbidity. No specific therapy exists for the preventive treatment of acute postoperative inflammatory complications. Elafin promises
to fill this therapy gap. Based on Phase II results, Proteo has received protocol assistance from EMA for a unique pivotal trial design.

In PAH, Elafin promises disease modifying properties for the treatment of this fatal condition, while current treatments only target the vasoconstriction pathways and thus only treat the symptoms. A pre IND meeting with the FDA took place in November 2015 and a Phase I trial is planned to start in 2017.

Elafin is a potent inhibitor of the proinflammatory enzymes elastase and proteinase 3, and is identical to the naturally occurring human endogenous protein. Elafin was granted orphan designation for the treatment of PAH and esophageal cancer surgery by the European Commission and the FDA.


In the clinical development program of Elafin, a single dose of Elafin was well tolerated in 75 individuals in one Phase I and two Phase II placebo-controlled trials. In the Phase II esophageal cancer surgery trial, a significant shortening of the ICU stay was observed. In the Phase II coronary bypass surgery trial, Elafin treatment reduced the levels of the heart damage marker troponin I.

In the preclinical development program of Elafin, it was shown in an animal model of PAH that Elafin reverses pulmonary hypertension via the bone morphogenetic protein signaling pathway. Elafin also reverses obliterative changes in lung explants of PAH patients. In a preclinical lung transplantation model, it was demonstrated that Elafin and Cyclosporine A act synergistically to prevent irreversible damage to transplanted lung tissue.


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