Prototal AS

Prototal1Prototal is the most specialized manufacturer of prototypes in Scandinavia. We excel in prototypes and series production in plastic and sheet metal. We offer unique manufacturing solutions for your specific product.

You should only have to use one supplier, whether you need prototypes or series production. That is our mission. In addition to plastic and sheet metal products, Prototal is able to deliver complex and highly detailed scale models for any purpose. We design and mill all of our tools and molds with our own milling machines, ensuring absolute quality control and delivery reliability. The tools are usually made out of aluminum or cast iron. We are particularly proud of our advanced sheet metal flexforming solution.

Flexforming reduces tool investments by 70-90% and is a natural choice when producing large double curved sheet metal parts rapidly, either as prototypes or in serial production. Undercuts and delicate surfaces are just some of the features made possible with flexforming. You can freely change the thickness and quality of the sheet metal without having to change the tool. When flexforming, the sheet metal is pressed towards one (1) tool half instead of two (2) found in conventional stamping. The tool reduction is made possible by an oil filled rubber membrane working as the other tool half. A wide range of materials can be applied.

In order to guarantee a high quality product, we always simulate the pressing process in advance. Problems and risks in product and tool design are discovered early on and adjusted. Then a new simulation is run. Thanks to this, we can reduce the delivery time and provide a more cost effective product. Subsequent to pressing, contours and holes are trimmed by laser. This is a flexible and accurate method that eliminates the need for traditional cutting tools.


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