Provecs Medical

Cancer immunotherapy targeting friend, not foe.

Inactive, dormant, suppressed. These terms are found in numerous published descriptions of the immune system in aggressive tumors.
For decades researchers have sought therapeutic means to re-engage the bodies own defence, the immune system, against cancer.
Today we know that the immunologic landscape in a tumor is more predictive of cancer staging, a patient´s time of survival and response to therapy than any other classification.

By creating a certain kind of tumor promoting microenvironment, cancer cells succeed against recognition and destruction by immune cells. Recent advances in cancer immunotherapy of cancer support the view that the cancer microenvironment is among the most promising targets for future cancer therapy.

We at Provecs Medical think that controlling the tumor cell neighbourhood enables control as well as therapy of cancer.
Our team has taken the challenge to screen, select and shuttle combinations of biological signals acting on immune cells (friend) and not on the tumor cells (foe) necessary to make the immune system respond against the tumor.

Provecs Medical is a German private company founded in 2007 as a spin-out of the University Medical Center in Hamburg-Eppendorf. Financed by the German High-Tech Gründerfonds, private Investors and by R&D grants, provided by the City of Hamburg, Provecs has established its technology platforms, a family of granted international patents and one pharma-partnership.

With its ENVIRO-platform of adenoviral vector technology up to 4 activating signals may be shuttled. Product candidates for different human cancer indications as well as for veterinary use are in development. On Provecs´ EXVIRO-platform, human tumor samples are stimulated ex vivo and microenvironment reprogramming is deciphered using big data technology and state-of-the-art immunology.

With this comprehensive immune profiling, the Provecs team identifies proprietary novel immunotherapeutics.

CEO and founder Frank Schnieders underlines that “our business model aims at a strict focus on the preclinical evaluation of our product candidates and a comprehensive data set on efficacy and safety in every target cancer indication. This we can achieve with a very small in-house team and the best clinical, consulting and subcontract partners available.

For further clinical development, we are in a prominent position for pharma partnerships and co-development licence agreements. We seek long-lasting relations based on joint milestone achievements as a basis of licence payments, as proven in our first partnership.”

Even though the immune-oncology field is considered complex, international pharma sees a great future for cancer immunotherapies.

Provecs Medical is among the first biopharmaceutical companies addressing the tumor microenvironment with a multivalent biological approach.

Next on the Provecs agenda is successful positioning of its products and another successful step towards growth.