Prox Dynamics AS

Prox Dynamics (PD) is an entirely Norwegian owned company based just outside of Oslo and is the worldleader in the design, development and production of Nano Unmanned Aerial System (NUAS). The company employs more than 75 dedicated employees, and continues to expand rapidly into new markets.The PD-100 Black Hornet Personal Reconnaissance System (PRS) introduces an organic airborne Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) capability to the individual and to small dismounted teams. It sets a new level for enhanced personal situational awareness and risk reduction in complex and demanding operational environments.

By allowing imagery to be obtained from different views, utilising live Full Motion Video and Snapshots (still images), the PD-100 gives operators “eyes on” beyond their visual range, behind buildings and obstacles, and where other conventional UASs cannot. As the first truly Nano UAS, the system fills the gap left between the dismounted soldier and other larger non-personal UAS.PD-100 PRS provides significant utility for covert use due to its very low visual and audible signature. The low mass sets it in class of its own as an inherently safe platform allowing it to be used without planning and airspace approval. This capability is delivered in a system volume that does not burden its operators, allowing them to be equally effective whether static or on the move.

PD-100 PRS is the only fully operational NUAS in the world, having been used extensively within combat operations by NATO forces over the past few years. The system is described by its users as a “Game Changer” and a “Life Saver”, and has set a new standard and class for the smallest UAS.

Prox Dynamics AS
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