A company with solid experience and focus on nutrition.

Pulsdietten is considered one of the most well established companies in the country focusing on personal diets and nutrition regimes for athletes. The philosophy and research behind the concept has been named Pulsdietten. 

A Pulsdietten computer tool is available from the company’s web site at www.pulsdietten.no. The company is presently developing a new and ground breaking new on-line system to be launhed in january 2009.

The new Pulsdietten system will focus on helping people in general to eat correctly in order to prevent overweight, obesity, increase energy levels, gain weight or increase muscle mass. Take advantage of this company’s expertise, for you and your firm, for sports and health.


At its location in Dikeveien, Spenst Fredrikstad has invested in some of the best facilities to be found in Europe. The training equipment and cycling rooms, provided by the most reputable suppliers in the market, represent the future in training and fitness. Emphasis on hiring expert staff means that personal trainers and dietary advisors have the most relevant education and contacts in their specialist fields.

Spenst Larvik is an established centre with solid competence, for many years considered the flagship in the sector. It´s for just this reason that Spenst is investing in Pulsdietten in order to offer their clients the best diets for top-level sports, weight reduction and preventive health.

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