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Q-linea system overview

Every year, approximately 150,000 persons die from sepsis within EU. Currently available techniques for diagnosis take days, and can therefore not be used to guide treatment. For blood stream infections, every hour counts and mortality increases with approximately 7 % per hour.

Q-linea is a Swedish company that develops systems for rapid characterization of blood stream infections, both regarding identity of infectious agent and its susceptibility to different antibiotic substances.

The expected time of the assay will be approximate six hours for identity followed by an additional four hours to determine susceptibility. We believe that this would aid in the guidance of correct treatment at an earlier phase compared to current technologies.

The product will be a fully automated system that handles the samples as they arrive, and with a throughput of up to 100 samples per working day for each instrument. The system is based on proprietary amplified singlemolecule detection’ technology (ASMD), where padlock probes are used for selective identification of few target DNA molecules.
The system will provide a sensitivity of approximate 10 cfu/ml blood and the first pathogen panel will cover > 90% of the most common pathogens causing blood stream infections. The system measures true susceptibility and does not rely in genetic markers coding for resistance genes.

The system is developed together with leading professionals within the area of microbiology and medicine in Sweden.

Q-linea also develops systems for rapid identification of Bio Warfare agents, such as bacteria, viruses and toxins. The proprietary technology enables simultaneous identification on a unified platform, thereby reducing need for multiple systems for nucleic acid and protein detection respectively. The system can be configured as either continuous operation with a sample throughput of a sample every five minutes or batch-based depending on application.

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