Q-Shipping Ship Management


Q-Shipping_Ship_Management3Nice to meet you!

Q-Shipping was established in 1997. Our core business is to provide third party ship management services to external customers. We currently provide full ship management to 13 vessels, and additionally several partial management services to 5 other vessels.

The additional advantage of Q-Shipping’s services is that due to our status of Dutch ship manager, our foreign clients have the possibility to opt-in for the Dutch tonnage tax scheme.

Q-Shipping does not engage in chartering and brokerage. In technical management, we focus on fixing any kind of deficiencies, and of course preferably, prevent them. The best interest for the owner, vessel and crew does not always go hand in hand with the best interest for a broker/charterer.

Our foundation actually lies in Sweden. Our first business activities as a third party ship manager were for a Swedish ship owner. Our experience with this particular party, and the Swedish business culture in general, has been very pleasant. For this reason, we are more than eager to expand our activities on the Swedish/Scandinavian market! We have quite some experience with Swedish companies, one of our most important suppliers is a Swedish lubricating oil supplier. Their way of doing business really appeals to us and they pay a lot of attention to our and our customers’ needs. This way of doing business definitely portrays the business ethics of Q-Shipping; being at our customers’ disposal at all times.

Q-Shipping B.V. / Zuideinde 62, 2991 LK Barendrecht, The Netherlands
+31 18 06 80 010