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Qmatec Group AS Qmatec Group
Qmatec Group has a broad competence in mechanical engineering and manufacturing for the on- and offshore industry.

Group is a composition of companies within Development, Engineering, Production, Consulting and Load Handling. Our Group has a large staff of engineers who can take on customised engineering. Our Innovative and experienced production team solve your engineering challenges from A–Z.

Our assignments come from a range of companies, many of whom are world leading in their specific area. This provides our engineers with a changing and stimulating everyday work situation.

Qmatec engineering team is a multidiscipline team. We develop innovative concepts or complete the concept as a finished product by engaging our production team.

All system engineering is performed using up to date 3D modeling tools. Projects are run by experienced project managers who ensures that we deliver on time and according to your specifications.

Qmatec helps several customers with product development through technical design, 3D modeling and FEM analysis. Highly skilled within general mechanical design, steel structures, hydraulics, production and project management.

Qmatec employees have a wide range of experience from a variety of engineering tasks. Most of our engineers have a Masters’ degree or similar. This will help us deliver at a high level of quality.

Qmatec Group ASIn our region, Qmatec holds some of the most innovative and experienced LEAN/QRM capacities. Our staff operates in both large, established organizations, and minor profit units. We are dedicated engineers who will contribute both professionally and socially to our customers. We have large staff of competent engineers, and we have access to a large archive of engineers for hire. We actively search for excellent engineers of various competences.

Hire Qmatec and release your internal workload!
People – Passion – Quality

In addition to produce customized rig solutions, we manufacture other mechanical products or perform modifications on your existing products.

We develop production drawings and execute the production/modifications according to your specification and standards. The product will be delivered with a complete package including technical documentation.

Qmatec production facilities in Vinje, is fully equipped for customized production.

High End capacities within Mechanical and Hydraulic assembly.

Skilled and Experienced staff throughout the company

Qmatec Group AS
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