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Quipbrokers, offshore equipment database

www.quipbase.com is a world leading Equipment Database covering the Offshore-, Petroleum-, Drilling-, Subsea-, Shipand Marine Industries. It contains equipment for sale or rent and equipment wanted. Most of the listings are of equipment or material that is surplus to the owner’s requirements, and have status new / unused or used surplus equipment.

For Buyers the database helps to quickly locate available equipment and material for their projects or operations. For Sellers the database can be used as a efficient marketing tool and presentation of their surplus equipment and material to potential buyers all over the world who are searching the database.

Since 1995 Quipbrokers AS have specialised in Equipment Supply, Surplus Management, Asset Recovery & Liquidation Services for equipment and material. Our services are offered all over the world and will be to no cost our clients until equipment or material has been sold. We also supply used (or unused) equipment in “as is” condition or fully overhauled and certified (DNV, ABS, LRS) according to our customers’ requirements. Delivery can be made to any location in the world by air- or sea freight.

Does your company have a stock of surplus equipment and material? We can recover stored and idle assets efficiently. Let us start the process by overviewing the equipment and material and make an appraisal of the market value. This will be performed without any cost or further commitments to the Owner.

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