Racon AS

RACON AS is a Norwegian company established in 1993 in Tønsberg 100 km south of Oslo. The company is based on the idea of meeting the communication needs of customers and helping them in finding the best communication solution for their special operations.

RACON AS has over 25 years of experience in radio communication for all kinds of operations – from offshore and fire brigades to armed forces special teams.

RACON AS is a Motorola partner and additionally supports customers with ICOM, Kenwood, HYT, TP and other radios. All kinds of headsets can be delivered to fit the different purposes. If a ready-solution is not available, a headset can even be specially designed to fit the customer needs.

RACON AS is an importing and distributing company for SAVOX® products, SAVOX Communications being the one of the leading manufacturers of communication accessories and ATEX-approved products for hazardous areas. All the products are compatible with or can be adapted to most of the radios in the market.

RACON AS is also specialized in products designed for extremely noisy environments where a clear need for ear protection exists. For example, RACON offers fire fighter’s helmet with ear protection and communication, or noise-cancelling products for helidecks and engine rooms.

RACON AS is based on flexibility, long experience and strong expertise in communication. For any requirements for radios or special equipment in connection with communications, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Racon AS
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