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radonlabFounded in 2004, Radonlab has rapidly established itself as the leading supplier and service provider in the field of radon measurements and protection.

Radon, the radioactive gas that originates in ground, water or building materials can give us high radiation dose. Tens of thousands die worldwide every year due to lung cancer caused by radon. Radonlab’s goal is to contribute to safer indoor environment by developing and applying innovative radon technology and making it available to everybody. Radonlab specializes in effective products and methods for radon measurement and protection of homes, workplaces and public buildings.

Radon measurements in air
Track-etch radon detectors are the most practical longterm measuring devices, widely used in private homes and workplaces for assessment of radon risk. Our class A certified track-etch laboratory processes several tens of thousands track-etch detectors every month. Continuous radon monitoring in homes, workplaces, schools, tunnels, mines, power-plants, caves etc. by our trained staff is offered. A selection of state-of-art electronic instruments are used and offered for sale or rent.

Measurements in the ground and water
Before start of a building construction process it is useful to know the radon potential of the building ground. Several measurement techniques to evaluate ground radon potential are used. Our experienced consultants recommend necessary protective measures for all risk levels and types of construction. Measurements of radon concentration in drinking water are conducted on water samples.

Where protective measures are needed to reduce indoor radon levels and improve air-quality we conduct special measurements and analyze the building. A report indicating optimal remedial actions for the building is produced. Radonlab’s consultants control and coordinate mitigation.

Mitigation of high radon buildings
Radonlab offers implementation of a wide range of technical solutions for radon remediation. Our KlimaVakten and sub-slab extraction systems are already well known.
We also test and install new equipment for effective radon protection for a variety of building types. In addition many ready-to-install products for radon reduction are offered for sale.

Radon training courses
Radon – measurements and mitigation is a series of courses for anyone who wants to obtain general and practical knowledge on how to measure and protect indoor environment against radon gas.

The company has many references including many Norwegian municipalities, associations of homeowners, real-estate owners, most major building companies, as well as international customers in Europe and Asia.

We prioritize extensive assessment of our customers’ needs to achieve a selection of the best methods and equipment to diagnose, recommend solutions and implement technical measures to eliminate, reduce or prevent radon problems.

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