Raingates develops and produces recessed covers, penstocks, stop logs and other equipment for the regulation of water levels and barriers in lakes, reservoirs, tanks and similar. The covers can be used for different purposes:

Roads, airports and harbours, etc.

The earth beneath us contains numerous possibilities. Raingates provides access to them and builds installations for pumps, sewers and carparks.

Today, there is hardly anything that cannot be handled or disposed of underneath the earth. This requires access, and Raingates provides this access by means of either standard or specially developed solutions within covers.

Covers can e.g. be recessed, which means that they are on level with the surface or rebated with a bended lid edge over the cover.

Penstocks & Stop Logs
In order to find the right solution, we examine the function, location, pressure and demands on tightness, etc. – Many factors are important here and they must all be known in order to guarantee the right solution.

Is tightness from both sides required? Should it be a manual or mechanical regulation of the gate plate? The best solutions and the most optimal solutions are found in a combination of experience and the desire to find solutions together. Raingates contributes to create a solution that works before, during and after use.

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