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REAL BIOTECH AB specializes in the bio remedial degradation of contaminated soil and effluent treatment based on the use of dedicated, selective microorganisms. The microorganisms colonize every surface, channels, tank walls, pipelines etc, as well as the daily dose in the sewage.

Our products are based on harmless, naturally occurring microorganisms, which reproduce rapidly, breaking down waste products in the process. Residues are small amounts of carbon dioxide, water and a trace of citric acid.
Each treatment is tailored to suit the specific conditions and requirements of each job. We only use high quality cell counts for optimum performance.
We have permits from The Swedish Institute for Infections Disease Control stating that our products are pathogen free and no hazard to human life.
The bacteria perform better in the presence of oxygen, as they use lots of it while working. Our bacteria are “facultative anaerobe” which means that they can work in anaerobe environments, but the performance is much lower in terms of speed.

Picture showing a soil remediation treatment in SwedenAdvantages in using Dedicated Bacteria in W.W.T.W.

Activated sludge plants
1. Reduction in smell.
2. Reduction in Sludge between 17% and 35%
3. Can assist in maintaining standards where plant is overloaded by up to 20%
4. Maintains stability in BOD and S.S. Supports nitrifying bacteria.
5. Reduces fats, oils, etc. minimizing any risk of filter and pipeline blockages.
6. In Percolating Filter Plants, cleans up filter beds and stops “Ponding”. A side effect of a clean filter bed is that fly/insect larvae have very little media to breed on.

A case at a Waste Water Treatment Plant in Uppsala, Sweden. The sites response to our treatment was very
fast and gas production rose remarkably. After three days the production of gas had doubled. Gas production
stabilized at an increase of 40% during the trial period Jan-March.

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