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RedGlead1Crucial competence and industry experience
Since its inception in 2011 Red Glead Discovery has focused on progressing early drug projects. The privately owned company was founded by former AstraZeneca employees and applies a hybrid business model based on prime drug discovery skills. Red Glead Discovery is both a CRO within the preclinical space and serving clients by offering first-rate contract research services for drug discovery, and a biotech company, building an internal project portfolio for early small molecule drug projects.

Our key competence is the design, synthesis and optimization of small molecules and peptides. In-house laboratory capabilities include medicinal chemistry, biology, analytical chemistry, in vitro ADME, and NMR. An expert area is the generation of chemical starting points for drug targets and developing them into patentable lead compounds with drug-like properties and low risk profile.

The fusion with Pepticon in 2014 represents an important milestone to broaden Red Glead Discovery’s’ capabilities. By this, clients with requests for high-quality design and synthesis of challenging peptides, can benefit from a comprehensive offer within chemistry and aligned Life Science services.

Mastering drug discovery challenges in collaboration
Key to Red Glead Discovery’s approach is proactive engagement in early-stage research collaborations to advance the translation of scientific findings into potential therapies. The aim is to deliver lead candidates to interested parties actively seeking opportunities to expand their early drug project pipeline for the benefit of patients.

Our current portfolio addresses unmet patient and market needs in metabolic disease, rare diseases, chronic kidney failure and oncology. After preclinical proof-of-concept in a disease relevant in vivo model, and profiling of compounds with respect to evaluate potential for development, lead series will be offered for further development to industry partners.

RedGlead2Our cross-disciplinary capabilities combined with our industrial background make us a preferred partner for developing compounds with high potential to become successful drugs” Johan Evenäs, CEO

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