redhot diagnostics AB

redhot diagnostics AB

A catalyst between the scientist and the market

redhot captures product ideas from academic research and rapidly take them to the market. It is done in redhot´s streamlined processes, which includes everything from prototype to sales & marketing.

The unique business structure, where a jointly owned company with the researchers contains all intellectual property while sales is done in redhot, creates a win-win situation for all parties.

Our network – your business

Our business model is a fundamentally new mind-set
We have set up all processes to take functionally diagnostic prototype to the market in less than 6 month to a minimal cost. In collaboration with academic scientist redhot sets-up a co-owned company, containing the IPR. In the joint venture the researchers IPR is maintained. The rights are licensed to redhot to develop a finished product. Typically redhot will take an ownership of 30-50% in the company.

With redhot as a partner this could be achieved to a fraction of time and money compared to if the R&D company should set up this by itself.

This concept provides a unique opportunity for academic researchers to reach the market.

Advantage over a one-product entity
The different researchers’ products are fit through a standardized commercial structure, which can be reused again and again with minimal changes for all tests regardless of the inventor.

redhot diagnostics has:
• Standardized production processes
• Quality system ISO 13485
• Know-how for registration/CE labeling
• Kit design for use at hospital routine laboratories
• One brand name for many products
• Distribution network.

redhot diagnostics business structure
The structure of the joint ventures makes it easy to distinguish between the different companies and it easy to follow the financial streams. The long-term is to divest the co-owned company to an industrial taker or to make an IPO.

redhot diagnostics will take all costs for transfer the prototype to a sellable product. All research costs will be taken in the joint venture and has to be externally financed.

Through the sales of the kits, redhot will cover its cost for production and sales. The sales profit goes back to the co-owned research company and is used for research activities.

Joint Venture
PEthmark AB is an R&D company that develops and provide complete solutions for clinical chemistry analyses based on mass spectrometry, LC-MS/MS techniques.

The business concept is to be a unique supplier of top of the line kits for different biomarkers on LC-MS/MS platforms.
PEthmarks most advanced product is a complete kit for quantification of phosphatidylethanol (PEth) in whole blood. PEth is a novel highly sensitive and specific biomarker for determination of alcohol consumption.

Generep AB is an innovative start-up company with focus on developing the next generation of diagnostic methods for determining hereditary neurological, neurodegenerative and developmental diseases.

Nearly thirty hereditary neurological, neurodegenerative, or developmental diseases in humans are caused by expansions of microsatellite DNA repeats. Generep AB has an IPR for a new diagnostic tool for detecting the repeat and determine  its length.

Lundonia Biotech AB is dedicated to develop products designed to be used for quantitative binding studies of e.g. lectins, viruses, bacteria, and eucaryotic cells to well-defined saccharides covalently linked to MicroWell™ Plates and other materials

Company under formation redhot diagnostics has from the Swedish National Veterinary Institute acquired the IPR for for a method to phenotype bacteria and viruses. The method has been used to phenotype avian influenza. There are a number of different types of avian influenza but on two types that are infectious on humans. Based on this patent other methods will be developed as Newcastle Disease Virus, Flavi Virus, which includes diseases as West Nile Virus, Dengue Virus, Tick-Born Virus, Yellow Fever Virus.

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