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Regenics AS
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The company
Regenics AS is a privately owned Oslo-based biotechnology company developing and patenting technologies and products for wound healing and cosmetics from biomarine resources. Regenics follows a proactive research and patent filing strategy to protect its novel technology and to ensure that it has a clear intellectual property path for marketing the products. The outstanding scientific team and wide network of international collaborations with academic and industry leaders make Regenics capable of world-class research. Regenics exploits research results by selling rights to use and/or produce products and technologies internationally through patent licensing.
As Norway has a long history of marine industry and possesses the world’s largest producers of salmon and salmon roe, the founders of the company had picked up the phenomenon that fishery workers sorting roe had the softest hands, despite working in ice cold water. This observation together with stem cell research of co-founder Professor Philippe Collas at the University of Oslo, demonstrating that extracts of stem cells and eggs can redirect cells on a genetic level into displaying a “younger” phenotype, generated the business idea of developing both wound healing and anti-ageing products based on unfertilized salmon roe.

The technology
The technology is a revolutionary approach to skin repair and rejuvenation, with power to improve wound healing and skin appearance by stimulating the skin’s own cells. The technologies utilize the nature’s own ingredients to induce natural processes of skin by improving cell function and activity. These are mechanisms highly beneficial for both cosmetics and wound healing applications.

Upon ageing, the production of crucial extracellular matrix components of the skin decreases, causing wrinkles and lower wound healing rate. Regenics’ scientists have shown that extracts of salmon roe increase the ability of skin cells to migrate and to produce and secrete several extracellular matrix components crucial for the wound healing process. These roe extracts were recently shown to accelerate wound healing in human intact skin. Regenics has started two major wound healing projects funded by the Norwegian Research Council.

As the effects crucial for improved wound healing also act to reduce signs of ageing, Regenics has also developed a cosmetic ingredient, LEX®, as a spin off product to the wound healing products. LEX® has been clinically tested for efficacy and safety (Lønne et al, Int J Cosm Sci 2013) and has already been successfully launched as an anti-ageing ingredient in several cosmetic series, including ORKLA’s AquaDerma. LEX®, with its properties and efficacy, has received significant interest, particularly in Asia, and Regenics is in dialogs and negotiations with several market leaders.

Regenics’ innovations include products from salmon eggs, and as it is important for Regenics that the raw materials are of the highest quality and follow ethical and environmental guidelines, Regenics has collaboration with the world’s largest salmon roe producer, which secures delivery of unfertilized salmon roe of the highest quality from sustainable sources.

Innovation projects
The innovative approach in using bioactive substances from salmon roe in wound healing is reflected by the positive response Regenics has received not only from customers, but also from EUREKA, the Norwegian Research Council, Innovation Norway and Vinnova (Sweden). Among several grants, Regenics was recently rewarded Eurostars funding from EUREKA for development of a medical device with integrated bioactive wound healing promoting substances from unfertilized salmon roe. The project is performed in collaboration with the Technical Institute of Sweden (SP), which has key expertise for the required formulation work and has collaborated with Regenics in previous publicly funded formulation projects.

The safe marine bioactive substances, with documented preclinical and pilot clinical effects on key processes in wound healing, will be formulated into an appropriate carrier that will release the active wound healing promoting substances when put in contact with a wound.

The project has already delivered very promising results and Regenics aim at delivering a CE marked product, and subsequently a 510k FDA approval, ready for market. This product will be related to Blue Growth, a key area for the European Union and sustainable development of resources.

The unique aspects of the wound healing product; a safer product of sustainable marine origin with clinically better efficacy, will be put forward to clearly differentiate this product to other products in the market.

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