Resistes is a family owned company focusing on products that has unique properties and the highest quality.

Our main brands are :

  • Comet Eco Pine: Non Toxic Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil
  • Cougar Lubricants: Full line of lubricants for all application, high quality marine line
  • Lotos Oil: One of Europes leading lubricants, full line of lubricants, all applications.

Comet Eco Pine is such a product that will outperform in many different applications. Being the only hydraulic oil on the marked that
is not only biodegradeable but also non toxic will give a peace of mind when it comes to using hydraulic oil equipment in marine and delicate areas.



Protect the environment without compromising performance
Non-toxic Comet ECO Pine Oil is an environmentally friendly choice for even most demanding hydraulic
applications. It is biodegradable, and has no harmful eff ect on the environment. Since Comet ECO Pine
Oil needs only minimum amount of additives to improve its performance, it has a very good stability.
Lubrication properties are high-class by nature. This gives the product long life and makes it very
economic: The fluid change intervals are even three times longer than with normal hydraulic oils.

Recommended use. Comet Pine oil is recommended for most piston, gear and vane pumps, including
those manufactured by: Vickers, Hägglunds-Denison, Cincinnati-Milacron, Sundstrand, Rexroth-Mannesmann, Racine, Oilgear, Hydreco, Dynex.

Use of filters. Comet Pine oil can be used when fine filters are installed. Up to 3 micron there is no loss of additive performance.


Product Properties

  • ISO VG 46
  • ISO 15380
  • SS 15 54 34
  • VDMA 24568
  • European Eco Label FI/ 027/2
  • NATO Code : NSN 9150-58-000-2414
Viscosity at temperatures

  • Viscosity 40° C (mm 2/s) 42,7
  • Viscosity 100° C (mm 2/s) 8,79
  • Viscosity -20° C (mm 2/s) 1300
  • Viscosity Index 192
  • Pour Point -47 
Environmental Properties

  • Biodegradability (OECD 301B) 90 %
  • Renewable Content 80 % 



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