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Instruments, software and knowledge for theranostic development

Follow your drug as it binds
to living cells in real-time


Extend end-point assays with time resolved interaction analysis to better understand the biology of a therapeutic protein:

• time to onsetRidgeview2
• drug residence time
• affinity and kinetics




LigandTracer® is a revolutionary simple yet powerful method to monitor protein interactions on living matter. Combine with Interaction Map® analysis from our sister company Ridgeview Diagnostics AB to unravel the heterogeneous biological processes often found on living cells.

Cellular function is regulated by interactions between biomolecules like proteins, DNA, and hormones. Interactions lead for example to activation of signaling pathways or the immune system. Knowledge on the mechanism of biomolecular interactions is crucial for the development of therapeutics, diagnostics, and target specific tracers as for example used in PET/SPECT imaging of cancer patients. We develop both instruments and software to characterize molecular interactions in living systems. By doing this in a time-resolved way, unique and detailed information on the interactions is derived. This knowledge leads to better decisions sooner: Find the best molecule, best cell line and best time line; all to perfect your product.

In order to bring our products to the market, we have chosen to follow an unusual path based on synergy. Extreme synergy.

Industrial synergy
Our products are highly modular and we offer these to other companies. Currently more than a dozen companies, located all over the world, are using our modules. We predominantly serve the time-resolved biosensor instrument business with evaluation software, but have also embedded our basic technology and knowledge in instrument control software, smart-phone diagnostic devices and genebased diagnostic products.

Academic synergy
The best way to develop research products is to use it in research. We teamed up with the Medical Radiation

Sciences team at the department of Immunology, Genetics and Pathology, Uppsala University. In this group, excellent multidisciplinary research on new radionuclide-based methods for imaging and therapy of tumors is conducted. About 50 publications later, we conclude that exploiting synergy has been very successful and brought unique science into the public light. We could not do this without each other.

Educational synergy
The kinetics of molecular interactions is not that easy to comprehend, in particular when using living cells. Since many years we have been teaching on this topic at Uppsala University. In 2016 we launch an interactive learning platform that describes both the general science of molecular interactions and how our products fit in this field. Designing the learning platform at an academic level means that our scientific customers have a convenient tool for teaching students and colleagues.

How can we help you?
For those of you working with cellular receptors, how can we help? Our unique and simple instrument combined with deep knowledge about protein binding and advanced data analysis software might push your research or drug discovery project a big step forward.

And all of you developing analytical instruments or medical grade software, can we join forces? Working together with customers and partners on exciting new products is one of our core businesses and will remain so.

Pragmatic, efficient, and different. That’s us.


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