RIGG AS Tactical Group

Rigg AS Tactical Group is an importer and distributor of military, tactical and security equipment for professional customers and employees of defense, police and security companies in Norway. We focus on providing a wide range of products, primarily within personal equipment, weapons and accessories and other related equipment. After 15 years in the business, Rigg AS has a large network of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of high quality products, designed for users who require equipment that works in challenging situations.

• Product and brand promotions to defense agencies, military, police and corporate clients
• Agent services, representation and local presence
• Direct sales to end customers via specific online stores
• Distribution to retailers
• Participation in tenders and calls for proposals
• Bespoke / custom production

• We have almost 15 years experience in the business
• We have local knowledge and “boots on the ground” presence in Norway
• Our offices, warehouse and showroom are located in Oslo city center
• Core focus on military, tactical and security equipment
• Building long-term relationships is important to us
• Rigg AS is a veteran owned small business
• Efficient logistics obtained by “state of the art” IT systems

• Apparel and uniforms
• Tactical nylon
• Boots and footwear
• Weapons
• Weapon accessories
• Ammunition
• Optics
• Ballistic protection
• Helmets
• Glasses and goggles
• Backpacks and bags
• Safety equipment
• Shelter & tents
• Uniforms
• Cleaning supplies
• Field and combat equipment
• Gloves
• Target and range equipment
• Communication
• Lights/signaling
• IR products
• Camouflage products
• Entry/breacher tools
• Dive gear and suits

Arnljot Gellines vei 3, 0657 Oslo
+47 21 98 60 30