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Rodos BioTarget GmbH is actively developing and marketing its patented technology platform, the TargoSphere®, a unique nanocarrier that can be utilized for a variety of targeted drug deliveries as well as therapeutic adjuvanting for vaccination.  The company’s mission is to become an industry leader in the targeted drug delivery of both newly developed as well as established drugs to fight devastating and catastrophic diseases. The global revenue for advanced drug delivery systems utilizing the TargoSphere® is estimated to reach USD 212 billion in 2018.

Since its founding in 2009, Rodos BioTarget has continuously increased shareholder value to become a clinical-stage company. The value of the company’s technology platform is generated by two-dimensional integration, i.e. vertically by entering into numerous collaborative applications and horizontally by advancing select applications along the pharmaceutical value chain. Rodos BioTarget has translated its key product, the TargoSphere®, into transactions with partners in the pharmaceutical industry to develop new treatments for the control of infections, cancers, and autoimmune diseases.

Rodos BioTarget has developed its TargoSphere® as a toolbox, combining spherical nanocarriers with surface-embedded targeting anchors. As a result, a considerable variety of TargoSphere® species may be produced with a variety of drugs encapsulated for payload-specific delivery to target cells of choice.

Rodos BioTarget’s Development Pipeline (as of Nov. 2014)

rodos biotarget

The TargoSphere® significantly lowers known or potential side effects of drugs by decreasing the required total dose, while significantly increasing drug safety and efficacy in a cost-effective manner. Advantages of the TargoSphere® over conventional nanocarriers are:

•    Selectivity and specificity for the target cell species of choice
•    Increased ability to efficiently cross cellular membranes
•    Increased stability due to prolonged plasma half-life and protection from enzymatic degradation in the  serum as well as from rapid excretion
•    Absence of mitogenicity and genotoxicity
•    Scalable adjuvant potentials in TargoSphere® variants addressing antigen-presenting cells
•    Environmental compatibility due to the TargoSphere®’s natural and biodegradable components

In non-partnered programs, Rodos BioTarget has developed its nanocarriers for targeted delivery of antibiotics (TargoBiotics®) and antivirals (TargoVir®) to eradicate intracellular pathogens that are maintained as actively propagating infectious reservoirs or as foreign DNA integrated into the host cell’s genome. Certain variants of TargoBiotics® specifically address both the inability of many antibiotics to enter infected cells as well as the global challenge of rapidly increasing antibiotic resistance.

TargoVir® and TargoBiotics®
In certain infectious diseases, the affected cells not only fail  to eradicate the intracellular pathogens but may also act as reservoirs that maintain infectivity and contribute to the spread of the infection to other cells and organs. Due to their intracellular location, infectious agents are protected from the immune system as well as from the action of drugs that are administered given in freely soluble form. Rodos BioTarget has thus developed a general treatment concept that combines its cell-specific targeting with current gold-standard treatments against a range of viral (e.g., HCV, HIV, CMV, and EBV) and bacterial infections (e.g., tuberculosis, legionellosis and brucellosis). This concept focuses on the targeted intracellular delivery of existing antibiotics or antivirals to reach the intracellularly-targeted pathogen and act therapeutically in the environment where the infectious agent resides.

The Toolbox for Designing TargoSphere® Nanocarriers

rodos biotarget


Biodistribution Studies Prove Altered PK/PD to Specific Cells, Tissues, and Organs of TargoSphere/Drug Delivery

Drug transport to organs  
Shows the kinetics from TargoSphere/drug uptake until clearance/excretion.





rodos biotargetDrug transport to tissue   
Demonstrates increased intracellular concentrations of the pipeline agent
RBT-05 upon delivery via TargoSphere vs. delivery in freely solublele form.




rodos biotargetDrug transport into target cells  
Demonstrates the intracellular fate of the pipeline agent RBT-05 upon TargoSphere-mediated delivery – in this case demonstrating successful interference with HIV-1 (GA – Golgi apparatus; N – nucleus; MT – microtubules).











Left: Dr. Marcus Furch (Managing Director and CEO/CFO)
Right: Dr. Robert Gieseler (Managing Director and CSO)

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