ROFI as represents more than 60 years of experience within the textile industry.
A comprehensive integration with our suppliers and partners enable us to meet the requirements
for progressive development, system solutions and a stock-hold of selected items.
We continuously maintain our certificate covering quality assurance/quality control.


Next generation frame tent solution. Introduce a new way of combining simple logistics, high quality and capability to withstand extreme
weather conditions, with high comfort.

• Modular – flexible on size
• Withstands extreme weather conditions
• Lightweight framework with slide in fabrics – no part weighing more than 40 kg
• Simple erection with a minimum of manpower – no special tools required
• Windows allowing natural ventilation
• Integrated flysheet – for added insulation and sun protection
• Integrated PVC- flooring protects against surface water and reptiles/bugs.
• Wide range of accessories



An inflatable tent designed for high mobility and comfort. A preferred solution when low weight, rapid deployment and high comfort are of importance. Designed for extreme hot- and semi cold climatic conditions, from – 20 to + 49˚C.

• Lightweight breathable fabric preventing interior humidity and preventing water penetrating from outside
• Low weight and waterproof
• Quick setup time
• Simple erection – no special tools required
• Simple maintenance in field operations
• Windows allowing natural ventilation
• Option on flysheet – for added sun protection
• Integrated PVC- flooring protecting against surface water and reptiles/bugs



ROFI Colpro system are a fully mobile solution which can withstand all known warfare chemicals and biological exposure for at least 48 hours. The system can be suited to ROFI tent model such as ROFI RAPID.

The ROFI COLPRO system is build up with several components:

CCA – Contamination Control Area is the entrance to the whole system, where the decontamination takes place.

TFA – Toxic Free Area gives the decontaminated people or equipment shelter against agents and gasses

ROFI PIU – Pressure Indication Unit shows the overpressure in each area and will alarm you if any failure should occur to the system

ROFI AFU600 – Air Filtration Unit provides 600 m³/h clean air  inside the system and keep the system under constant overpressure to avoid new contamination with dangerous agents or gasses.

The ROFI AFU600 is equipped with an unique audio and visual alarm for filter change, which can be extended by wire to an external control- or command post or inside the shelter system.

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