Roughneck Professional

Located between the mountains and the sea in Bergen, Norway, we regularly see roughnecks depart towards the North Sea oilrigs. Originally the term roughneck was meant as an insult on travelling carnival laborers, vagrants and rowdy manual workers. The oil workers changed this and elevated the name to a status symbol, a name to be worn with pride. Their courage, strength and durability have laid the foundation for our comfortable modern lifestyle, and they serve as our inspiration as we design our products.


The keywords for us when developing our products are usability, durability and design. We offer a wide range of other waterproof and water resistant backpacks and duffel bags Our bestseller towards the offshore industry is our tailor made offshore bag. The bag is made from waterproof PVC, has waterproof zippers, a detachable laptop pocket and toiletry bag. In the outer pocket at the end there is a luggage scale – making it easy to check if you are under the strict helicopter limit. The bag comes in a wide range of colours and is available with your company logo.


We also offer
clothing, jackets, sweaters, t-shirt wool underwear etc. We have our own models or we can make a design especially for you. More and more companies recognizes the brand value of having their employees wear unique quality products – giving the employees a boost as well as draw the attention of others.

att Emerchandise Skuteviksboder 13, NO-5035 Bergen
+47 473 39 302