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Ensure safety and reliability

Roxtec cable and pipe transits are used by shipbuilders all over the world. Our sealing solutions bring superior protection and simplify modifications.

Certified protection
Our seals protect people and investments against risks caused by fire, gas and water and help you reduce vibration, noise and overall weight. Our seals are certified by all major classification societies.

Easy to use
Roxtec sealing solutions are developed to simplify design, speed up installation work and minimize the need for stock and logistics. With fewer items, you can keep down the total cost of ownership.

Efficient upgrades
Our transits are adaptable to cables and pipes of different sizes and materials. They also provide built-in spare capacity for quick and cost-efficient retrofit, which is beneficial during the entire ship operation.

Roxtec is the world-leading provider of flexible cable and pipe seals. Our adaptability solution, Multidiameter™, is based on modules with removable layers. It seals perfectly, regardless of the size of the cable or pipe. We are present on 70 markets worldwide. Read more on


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