RWE Dea Norge AS

RWE Dea, the German upstream oil and gas company of the RWE Group is celebrating its 40th anniversary on the Norwegian Continental Shelf in 2013.

rwe deaWe are an expanding Oslo based company, with highly motivated employees. RWE Dea has strong merits in exploration and has a promising license portfolio. We currently operate six licenses and are partner in several other ventures with exploration, development and production activities. In 2010, we made two promising discoveries as operator; at Zidane (PL435) in the Norwegian Sea and Titan (PL420) in the North Sea and again at Zidane in 2012. Further appraisal drilling on Titan will take place in late 2013 and Zidane is currently being matured for development and production. We have in addition participated in three of the most important recent discoveries on the Norwegian continental shelf, Edvard Grieg, Knarr and Skarfjell.

Long-term focus
A long-term perspective is one of the pillars of our business philosophy. We have a broad perspective and can transfer valuable knowledge between projects and countries. In the coming decades we will continue to contribute to Norwegian society through our operations and activities as a constructive, long-term partner.

Environmental competence
We have leading competence in oil and gas exploration and production in environmentally sensitive areas. For 25 years, RWE Dea has produced oil at Mittelplate, located in the National park of Wadden Sea, with zero harmful discharge to sea. In all phases of this project, the environment has had first priority. Throughout the whole production phase, we have invested in advanced technology. The Mittelplate oilfield is also being produced through almost 10km long reach wells drilled from an onshore location. Mittelplate, and other environmentally sensitive areas, have given us world leading competence in operating in demanding areas. The group’s history, skilled employees and willingness to use new, advanced technology have enabled us to develop this competence.

International engagement
RWE Dea has stakes in production facilities and licenses in Germany, the UK, Norway, Denmark and Egypt, and holds exploration licenses in Algeria, Ireland, Libya, Mauritania, Poland, Trinidad & Tobago as well as Turkmenistan. In Germany RWE Dea also operates large subsurface storage facilities for natural gas.

Through the RWE Group, RWE Dea Norge is part of a leading European energy corporation, and we have played a part in the Norwegian oil adventure for 40 years.

RWE Dea Norge AS
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