S.C. Forja Rotec S.R.L.

Forja_Rotec1Our company is your customized solution for forging, rough machining and heat treatment.
The main activities that are carried out include the manufacture of metallic products by plastic deformation (forging, pressing and stamping of metals), heat treatment of metals and machining operations. We benefit from an EU location, with its inherent facilities. We manage over 18,000 tones of raw material each year and have the capacity to forge products
up to 22 tones.


Forja Rotec is committed to quality, making permanent investments in production equipment. Currently it is equipped with 4 presses of different sizes, allowing to best allocate resources for each product. The production premises is a 80,000 sqm industrial platform accommodating more than 180 permanent employees.

The team has extensive experience in the industry, with the management alone acting in the market for more than 30 years. The company maintains limited financial leverage. During the last couple of years, a sustainable 10% annual growth was maintained.



Str. Aleea Industriilor, nr.12, 120068 Buzau, Romania
+40 238 406 046
+40 238 718 935