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About Sagetis

At Sagetis Biotech we are devoted to developing innovative drug delivery technologies to tackle challenging unmet medical needs.
Based in Barcelona, Sagetis Biotech was founded in 2010 as a spin-off from GEMAT (Materials Engineering Group) at IQS.
Sagetis Biotech aims to provide solutions to major bottlenecks found in pharmaceutical companies when developing products in different therapeutic areas.
The company’s versatile, proprietary polymeric-based platforms, NanoBBB, NanoGene and BoneTack are designed to tackle highly challenging areas, such as:

    • Delivery through difficult-to-cross barriers (e.g. blood brain barrier, intestinal mucus gel layer, ocular)
    • Efficient transfection of genetic material, using both viral and non-viral vectors
    • Bone an cartilage enhanced regeneration


The NanoBBB technology platform combines three different elements in order to take drugs across the Blood-brain barrier:

• First of all, the polymeric materials that constitute the core of the nanoparticles. They are biodegradable and can be tailored to accommodate a wide range of active ingredients. As a general characteristic, they can provide an external sheath of PEG to the nanoparticles to render them invisible to the immune system, thus maximizing the circulation time in the blood stream and the absorption window for penetration into the brain.

• Secondly, and key for the ability to cross the BBB, a family of patented peptides that target the LRP1 receptor on the surface of the endothelial cells to allow them cross the barrier.

• Last, a wide range of substances that can be loaded into the nanoparticles (combined with the selection of the nanoparticle core polymer) that includes small molecules (hydrophobic and hydrophilic), peptides, proteins (including whole antibodies and fragments), and diverse genetic material (viral and non-viral).






Versatile platform designed to offer efficient transfection across barriers of genetic materials such as plasmids, siRNA, mRNA and attenuated viruses incorporated into nanoparticles.
With specific modifications, this platform offers enhanced transfection efficiency and better safety profile both in BBB and other endothelial cells in comparison to commercially polymers and transfection agents.



NanoGene is being used in the following programmes:




Based on biodegradable polymers combined with a bioceramic, this platform offers an improved alternative to current bone cements based on PMA with superior physical and regenerative properties for bone or cartilage repair.
Lab experiments show the resulting materials are thermoplastic, which means their flow properties vary with temperature. They can be easily injected with a high homogeneity and they consolidate quickly at body temperature.
In vitro tests have shown products are both biocompatible and cytocompatible. These excellent properties have been confirmed in in-vivo experiments with rats with fractured mouse calvarias.
In experiments with vertebrae, the cement fills completely the vertebral fracture. After only 5 minutes after the injection, the material consolidates at body temperature with the right viscosity.

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