Sahlgrenska International Care AB

Sahlgrenska International Care AB (Sahlgrenska I.C.) exports health care services in Region Västra Götaland to customers worldwide.

In collaboration with main partners Sahlgrenska University Hospital and the Public Dental Service, we offer:
• Highly specialized care
• Postgraduate training programs and tailor made courses
• International aid of medical surplus material
• Consulting services

Global impact
Within Sahlgrenska University Hospital, the Public Dental Service and other health institutions in Region Västra Götaland, you will find world class health care expertise. In the areas that we are prominent nationally, it is our aim to leave an impact globally.

Research drives development
By exporting services, we gain data useful for research. This leads to development. Only by being on the forefront of research, we can continue to offer specialized treatment of highest quality locally as well as to other countries.

Win-win locally and far away
What we offer shall benefit patients, medical staff and citizens nearby and in the customer’s country of origin. In other words, it shall improve the life and health in our region and far away.

Collaborate with us
Are you a patient, care provider or health authority in search for qualified specialized care?
A doctor, dentist or other medical professional interested in specialist training?
Looking for assistance to build up local competence within a certain medical area or treatment technique?
That, or maybe you only want to know what our International Aid Coordinator does to ensure that medical surplus material in Västra Götaland reaches a destination where it makes a difference.

For further information please get in touch with us.


Medicinaregatan 12a, SE-413 90 Göteborg
+46 31 342 68 00