Sandaband Well Plugging AS

Sandaband Well Plugging AS is the exclusive global provider
of the innovative, patented Sandaband
® plugging- and sandaband well plugginglost circulation- material.

Our services include pre-planning, wellsite execution and post-job follow-up with experienced personnel and dedicated purpose-built Zone-II equipment. As an ISO-certified, Norwegian independent service company we are the ideal local partner when your team needs a robust, flexible, cost-efficient and HSE-friendly well sealing material.

Because the Sandaband well barrier element repairs itself whenever changes occur in the downhole environment even years after placement, you will prevent well integrity challenges in any oil and gas well, producers and injectors, be it in an onshore, offshore or subsea completed installation.

The Sandaband solution is qualified, tried and tested by the majority of the operating companies in the North Sea.


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Sandaband Main benefits:

• Gas Tight
• No fracture
• No micro annulus
• No Shrinkage
• Environmentally friendly • Non degradable

Your Challenges?

• Sustained casing pressure
• Long term well integrity
• Plugging to be gas tight for eternity





Fill behind Casing • Plugging • LCM

Sandaband Well Plugging AS
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