SBL Vaccin Distribution

We are Sweden’s leading vaccine distributor and for those of you who administer vaccines, we have long been the obvious choice of cooperation partner. This is largely because we always have always set store by rapid deliveries (you have your order within 24 hours), but maybe even more so because people are always in direct contact with our experienced and knowledgeable personnel. You can always get answers from us to any questions you may have. If they are more difficult questions, we have access to medical expertise.

Our history

SBL, the Swedish National Bacteriological Laboratory, was started in 1909 as a nationwide central institution whose task was to prevent and combat infectious diseases. SBL monitored the epidemic situation in Sweden, executed laboratory analyses of patient samples, produced vaccines and biochemical products, did research and participated in support projects for developing countries.

Today, SBL Vaccin Distribution is the leading vaccine distributor in Sweden. We distribute vaccines and immunoglobulins and provide immunisation directly to the health service from our own production and that of cooperation partners. Since 2006, SBL Vaccin Distribution has been part of the Dutch biotechology company Crucell, which has been owned by Johnsson & Johnsson since February 2011.


If you are interested in distributing or ordering vaccines please call +46 8–735 12 50 or email us at

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