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Due to our team of skilled employees and our cooperation with the wind industry, we have developed many years of experience in optimization and operation of park networks and SCADA systems along with power control. Our knowledge is based on thorough work and experience with applying SCADA know-how into plug and use SCADA applications.

We are of the belief that our customers and suppliers are the most important to our success. By working closely together, we are able to describe and implement the best suitable solution for each specific project tailored for our customer’s individual needs. This is one of the reasons why our company is in continuous growth and employs more than fifty team members located in offices in Denmark, Germany and The Unites States.

Besides from performing upgrades and replacements of existing SCADA systems, SCADA International also offers maintenance and service of existing SCADA installations.

We are the important piece of any good SCADA solution!

OneView® SCADA Solutions
It is a fact of life that as system age and technology changes some SCADA systems becomes unusable. Through careful planning and personal involvement SCADA International offers your company the benefits of an upgraded SCADA system with the OneView® SCADA solutions.

The OneView® solution offers you the opportunity to either fully replace or keep your existing SCADA solution. Combining your existing solution with new hardware and OneView® software gives you the ability to maintain and access your wind farm data both from the original SCADA installation and through the OneView® SCADA solution.

Fully replacing your existing SCADA solution to the OneView® SCADA solution will upgrade you SCADA system and the access to your wind farm completely. Ensuring that both the hardware and software are within present standard solutions, you will be able to obtain future-proof reporting functions based on ten (10) minute data values.

With the OneView® SCADA solution the data values received can be both historical data, stored in a database, as well as online data. The data values are easy to retrieve through the web based OneView® SCADA client and will be available to you either on your laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Via the OneView® client you will be able to access your entire wind farm data from the OneView® server either hosted or installed in your wind farm or office location.

OneView® SCADA System
SCADA InternationalOneView® is a generic SCADA system designed for renewable energy power plants. The system has the advantage to integrate more wind farms and/or plants into one system providing the operator with complete overview and control.

Most operators and owners are involved with more than one supplier, hence, ending up with a number of different SCADA Systems. This causes operational difficulties and makes it hard to compare performance data in a consistent way. OneView® offers one view of all sub units. Additionally the OneView® SCADA system gives the benefit of a standard reporting structure for all sub units.

OneView® Energy Control Unit
The OneView® Energy Control Unit is designed to meet the requirements related to regulation, active power and reactive power control.

The OneView® ECU communicates directly with the individual wind power, solar power or hydro power plant handling the communication between the power plant and the utility/grid operator. This enables the OneView® ECU to have the actual control and information of the status of the units for example turbines in run, pause or service.

Add the OneView® ECU to your existing energy producing park to fulfill local grid codes, to fill gaps in view of park control or simply to make an overview of your power producing parks.



SCADA International ApS is certified according to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2008 within development, sales, assembly and commissioning, support and SCADA solutions.  Software development for alternative energy, including: functional design specifications, risk analysis and power plant solutions

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