Scana Propulsion AS

Scana Propulsion optimises every configuration to the specific running condition of each individual vessel. From extensive in-house experience, we specialise in delivering complete systems to demanding customers all over the world.

Scana PropulsionWhile being part of the Norwegian Maritime Cluster, we have contributed to the definition of highly advanced vessels. The close relationship between Scana, ship owners, and class societies has led to the wide range of gear models and configurations that makes our solutions some of the best in the market.

Scana’s technology, unique knowledge of materials and extensive production experience form the basis of our competitive power. We are committed to our customers through our excellence in engineering, materials, manufacturing and complete life-cycle support.

Scana Propulsion boasts great technical experitise in producing customised reduction gears, propellers, tunnel thrusters, remote controls, and retrofit solutions – all devised to fit the most demanding of vessel arrangements.

A conventional propulsion system can be the best solution for one vessel type, while others will benefit from a diesel-electric, hybrid or a twin engine solution. Scana Propulsion systems can be adapted to most types of medium and high speed engines, while our propeller range fits any slow speed engine with a direct drive system.

Scana Propulsion’s marine service adds value to your business at every stage in the life cycle of your installations. Our on-call service operates 24/7 365 days a year, reducing vessel downtime to an absolute minimum. We offer service agreements which can structure the customer’s operational schedule and increase both their reliability and economy.

Scana Propulsion AS
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