About ScanBalt BioRegion

ScanBalt BioRegion is a brand name for health and bio economy in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Northern Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, northern Germany and north-western part of Russia. ScanBalt BioRegion is denominated as an EU flagship within health economy (ScanBalt HealthRegion) and is thereby an integrated part of EU strategies for the Baltic Sea Region.

About ScanBalt® fmba

ScanBalt® fmba ( promotes the development of ScanBalt BioRegion as a globally competitive health and bio economy. ScanBalt is a not for profit member driven association of clusters, networks, companies, research institutions, hospitals, public authorities and other organizations. ScanBalt strengthens ScanBalt BioRegion as an open innovation market in order to enhance innovation, employment and economic growth. The members have a ROI on their membership of approximately 15:1 on average.

Member Services:

The following core services are available for the members:
• Promotion of regional competencies, events and activities
• Promotion of talent attraction and talent retention
• Establishment of thematic public-private transnational project consortia
• Attraction of resources and funding
• Coordination of projects and activities
• Strategic partnerships with other regions
• Advancing policy issues and opinions

ScanBalt acts according to a strategy for the ScanBalt BioRegion setting priority areas and actions lines.

ScanBalt Business Club

ScanBalt Business Club is an umbrella within ScanBalt for activities and services supporting SMEs and industries in ScanBalt BioRegion. ScanBalt Business Club promotes activities such as:
• Awareness for companies, products and services, see
• Bridging of academia and SMEs in ScanBalt BioRegion
• Trans-national match making events in ScanBalt BioRegion
• A trans-national business accelerator
• Establishment of a trans-national investment fund supporting the business accelerator
• Training for professionals and entrepreneurship training
• Trans-national procurement and facilitating the access of SMEs
• ScanBalt BioRegion as a global hot spot for investments, talents and industries

It is free of charge to insert a company portrait at The portraits are distributed by a variety of channels and CEO interviews, industry opinions and news on products and services are brought in the quarterly ScanBalt News and on Companies having a portrait are invited to present at ScanBalt Press Study Tours for selected groups of journalists.


ScanBalt Forum 2014 Active and Healthy Ageing, 8th – 10th Oct (Groningen):

Reserve the date!

The 2014 ScanBalt Forum focus on the ageing society. Industry and research institutions are brought together in a stimulating environment to exchange ideas, make new contacts and to initiate international collaboration. The 2014 ScanBalt Forum is organized by the Healthy Ageing Network Northern Netherlands (HANNN) and the University Medical Center Groningen in close collaboration with the three Northern provinces: Groningen, Fryslân and Drenthe.

A ScanBalt Business Club Event takes place during ScanBalt Forum “Healthy Ageing Campus Match Making” which will run on Day 2 after the plenary opening. The match making event will promote partnerships and collaboration for those sharing an interest in the opportunities resulting from the challenges of the ageing society.

Stay updated at –

Contact: General Secretary Peter Frank,, tel + 45 27141078 or one of the regional liaison offices, see for contact details.


More than 300 participants joined ScanBalt Forum Oct 2013 in Gdansk.