Scandinavian Cooler

Scandinavian Cooler manufactures and markets heat exchangers and air coolers for most kinds of diesel engines. Our
products are used by the maritime industry, in thermal power stations, and in refineries around the world.
We manufacture and supply heat exchangers and air coolers in full accordance with each customer’s specifications that
are simple to install, and which in many cases produce a better result than their existing system.
Each individual system achieves maximum effect in order to match the engine operation. Our products, which represent
great value for money and are of the highest quality, are manufactured in accordance with the most up-to-date
techniques for increased efficiency and a longer operational lifetime.
In order to meet our customers’ stringent requirements for operational reliability we offer fast and safe delivery. We
always deliver at the agreed time so that we minimise the operational disruption to our customers’ businesses.

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Scandinavian Cooler
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