Scandpower AS

Risk management – Risk analysis – Technical safety and consequence modelling – Human factors – Reliability

Scandpower, a member of the Lloyd’s Register Group, is a leading independent risk management company with four decades of experience in providing consulting services and software to the international energy and transportation market. Our team of professionals includes over 350 highly qualified consultants with extensive experience.
Scandpower AS

Services we offer
Scandpower has the breadth and depth of skills necessary to carry out qualified technical consulting services in a wide variety of industries. In many instances the services we offer are not linked directly to any specific industry or sector, but represent a holistic approach to the challenges our clients face.

Risk based management
Well structured, documented and implemented systems are necessary for effective management and control of critical or risk-exposed operations. Scandpower can meet all your needs in one integrated and efficient management system.

Risk analysis
Combining advanced tools for consequence modelling with updated failure data, Scandpower is the natural partner to choose for a risk analysis.

Technical safety and consequence modelling
Safe design and construction require a thorough understanding of the actual safety requirements, project activities, and the range of risk assessment methods. A wide range of safety aspects have to be specified and implemented in design, on the basis of risk assessments. Scandpower uses state-of-the-art software tools to carry out advanced consequence modelling for improved design.

Human factors and work environment
Ensuring that your work environment is safe, and the interface between human and asset is as intuitive as possible, is one of the most effective ways to safely maximise your productivity and avoid costly downtime.

Reliability and asset performance
To get cost-efficient design and operation, you need highly regular and reliable systems. This calls for reliability and regularity analyses to evaluate design alternatives. The analyses may reflect the uncertainty in the early phases of a development or verify whether pre-set goals concerning efficiency or performance are fulfilled. Scandpower can offer a wide range of services and analyses that solve most reliability-, regularity and uncertainty queries from the industry.

Sectors we serve
Scandpowers main markets are:
• Oil & gas
• Nuclear power
• Transportation
• Process industry
• Other energy

Your local global experts
As part of the Lloyd’s Register group, we have over 8,000 employees in 240 cities and towns covering 227 countries and other territories. Our key Scandpower office locations are:
• Norway – Kjeller – Sandvika – Stavanger – Bergen – Trondheim – Sunndal
• Sweden – Stockholm – Gothenburg – Malmoe
• UK – Aberdeen – Bristol – Manchester – London
• USA – Houston
• China – Beijing
• Australia – Melbourne – Sydney – Perth
• India – Mumbai
• Indonesia – Kuala Lumpur
• Korea – Seoul
• Japan – Yokohama

Scanpower AS risk spectrumRiskSpectrum® is the world’s number one risk management software suite licensed for use at half of the world’s nuclear power plants. The product is developed and maintained by Scandpower AB, and includes advanced tools for fault tree and event tree analysis and risk monitoring.

Lloyd’s Register, Scandpower and LR Scandpower are trading names of the Lloyd’s Register Group of entities. Services are provided by members of the Lloyd’s Register Group, for details see